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This is the “full service” of website translation services. All text and DTP translations are included at this level plus your website will be completely ready for uploading to your website server either by APRIL or by you via FTP, CMS or a combination of the two. Due to the complexity and variety of website software, details of this process will be discussed in detail prior to the start of your project.

Why Use a Translation Company for Website Coding?

Because the options available for producing a website are innumerable, every website translation project is a unique situation. Each website software combination has its own set of possible issues. As an example, when translating a website into French, care must be taken with letters that use French accent marks and are used as a php variable. Because php uses some of these as ‘special’ characters an “escape” character must be used to ensure that the accent symbol does not adversely affect the coding thereby corrupting the website.

Other issues with website translations that a professional website translation company can help you with include:

  • Word expansion during translation.
    Is it best to expand pages, develop new pages or use a smaller font?
  • Right to left languages and their effect on website design.
    Is it best to change navigation, move navigation or totally redo the navigation structure?
  • Colors used on a website and their appropriateness for the target audience.
    Does a specific color hold special symbolism in a certain country?

With the right translation company, your foreign language website can become a very profitable endeavor.

What Is International Search Engine Optimization?

Effective search engine optimization helps your website get listed on U.S. search engines, while international search engine optimization helps your website get listed on foreign search engines. Translating your website into foreign languages is only the first step. Keywords, page titles and company descriptions must also be translated. April Translation Agency translates your website along with your keywords and your metadata to ensure that your website is ranked across all the foreign search engines of the world.

International Search Engine Optimization Services

  • Pay Per Click – Translate pay per click campaigns on Google, Yahoo and MSN
  • Natural Listings – Translate your keywords, page titles, descriptions and meta data
  • Terms and content localized for searches and queries according to foreign usage
  • Get ranked on foreign search engines
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